Marques Brownlee Should Review It

A baby car? A mascot? Regardless of what you think, especially if you live in a big city having to face rivers of kilometers of traffic jam and then you decide not to use the car anymore and use the bus and it is extremely…

Elon Musk Aumenta L’autonomia Della Tesla Model 3

Nessuno ferma Elon Musk! Succede che il numero 1 di Tesla ha aumentato l’autonomia della Tesla Model 3: Da 448 Km a 491 Km, e lo scatto se riduce un po’: Da 5.6 da 0-100 a 6.1 da 0-100. Questa è una…

Apple Making An Electric Car? I’d Buy It Tomorrow!

What if Samsung thought the same thing?

The world of automobiles will definitely not be the same in 10 years. See our sons and daughters driving cars from Apple, Samsung, LG, just to mention a few. And who would have thought…

Subscribers: The Best YouTube Metric

Let me explain why

When you start to build your audience after days, months or even years, you start to get the idea that your channel becomes unstoppable. You gain more and more views, all your YouTube Analytics data is positive and this allows you…

You Should Learn This BEFORE Starting YouTube

Avoid getting frustrated after reach 1000 subs and 4000 watch time

Fix Reused Content

Unfortunately it's true. One of the many things that can prevent a YouTuber from reaching the target of 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of views is reused content. This occurs when you…

Luciano De Lima

Brazilian, married and living in Rome, Italy. Studying and trying to do my best in all the days of my life. A God lover and a lover of my beautiful wife.

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